energy right Home e-Valuation ® survey

Along with TVA, we are pleased to sponsor a program designed to educate participants about the energy saving opportunities that exist in their homes.

Customers can simply click here to complete an on-line survey which uses generalized rates and comparisons for the TVA service area.

If you prefer to receive a personalized report containing your actual energy cost and usage history a survey booklet will need to be filled-out. The survey booklet is a self-mailer, and once completed, can be sealed and dropped in the mail. Postage is paid for convenience. A personalized report is then sent in two to three weeks. It is based on your account information, Sweetwater Utilities Board’s rates, local fuel prices, and the information provided in the questionnaire. Customers can call or stop by our office to request a survey booklet.

TVA has a tool available to help consumers make informed energy purchasing decisions based on products, efficiency ratings, total cost of ownership and more. Click here for this valuable information.

May we also suggest visiting TVA’s Energy Right web site for further information on energy savings.