SUB is reminding the community to be aware of ongoing scams involving people impersonating utility employees or contractors.

People continue to be targeted by telephone scams from callers posing as utility employees or collection agents who inform them that their electric service will be disconnected unless immediate payments are made with a reloadable debit card. While SUB may call to remind customers of past due accounts, we never ask customers to make immediate payments with pre-paid debit cards.

Other area utilities have reported different types of scams including:

  • There have also been reports that people impersonating utility tree contractors have approached customers with offers to perform tree work on a cash-only basis.
  • Recently there have been reports of customers who say they've gotten computer pop-up messages claiming to be from the utility telling the customer to call a number. When the customers call the number, they're told their account is past due and services will be cut off if immediate payment is not made.

If you get a pop-up message like that, a door-to-door solicitation for money, or suspicious calls about your utility service – or if you are ever unsure or have concerns you should contact SUB immediately at 423-337-5081 before taking any action.


Due to the loss of customer support on our current system, Sweetwater Utilities Board will be changing to a new billing system as of October 2016. Your account number will be changing along with the new system. If you have questions or for more information please contact our billing office at 423-337-5081.